Practical steps in Techno-Economic evaluation of network deployment planning

This white paper aims at giving an overview of the techno-economic planning process for network deployment, migration and/or service offerings. We will study the entire flow, starting with a description of the existing situation, subdividing the specific problems, modelling network, processes, costs and revenues and ending with an evaluation of the relevant output parameters such as profitability. All steps are discussed indicating existing models and how they can be applied. Readers will learn to look into the network deployment problem from a techno-economic viewpoint. They will get to know how to focus on the main driving aspects first, while minimizing the chance to get lost in details. As opposed to some practices where one or more parts of the picture are neglected, we will emphasize the importance of the whole picture, choosing the required level of detail for the different parts. Furthermore a detailed analysis will show how to use real options and game theory in telecommunication cases.

The slides of the tutorials are free to download for own use! Alternatively, you can also read our white paper.