The techno-economic research portal unites relevant research groups in the field of techno-economics, across boundaries of disciplines, application domains and countries. It is a gateway to generic methodologies, useful tools, frameworks and international literature.

Techno-economic research uses a multi-disciplinary approach to provide evidence-based responses to the implications of technological ICT innovation on economic, political and social developments. It relies on a portfolio of both qualitative and quantitative research experience on multiple application domains, such as networking, media, health, smart cities and manufacturing.

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The techno-economics team at Ghent University - imec researches techno-economic methodologies (cost-benefit-analysis, value network analysis, business modelling, real options, game theory) for different application domains.

CMI is a center at Electronic Systems, AAU. Focus is on convergence, network economics, business modelling, privacy, security, regulation.

The techno-economic team at TUM researches network planning and techno-economic models and methodologies (incl. cost-benefit-analysis, value network analysis) for different application domains (e.g. core & access networks, migration alternatives, protection schemes, SDN/NFV).

inCITES provides consulting services on ICT techno-economics and regulatory economics, develops specialized tools and researches innovative methodologies and business models.

The Network Technologies and Strategies research group (NeTS) of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, is a multidisciplinary research group focused on network technologies and their impact on society.

RISE Acreo’s “Broadband and Society” team runs studies assessing the impact of ICT on society and the economy, and provide regions and municipalities with support in developing their digital strategies and designing their digital services by involving their stakeholders and following up progress by means of indicators.

The GIRTEL team of the Telecommunication Networks Engineering group at TU Cartagena researches on optimization and planning of communication networks, including techno-economic analysis.

The research interests of the Department of Telecommunications, University of Zagreb, include design of multi-granular, elastic and flexible optical network and nodearchitectures, availability, reliability and power consumption analysis.

The BONSAI research team at Politecnico Milano performs techno-economic evaluations that focus on capital and operational expenditures, and energy efficiency, of telecom network architectures under different business models.

The University of Donja Gorica (UDG) offers a unique combination of multi-disciplinary expertise and proactive approach to exponential change of technological and business environment in the world.

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Next CTTE conference

Visit us at the CTTE conference in Denmark in November 2017, where we will discuss the Internet of Things – Business Models, Users, and Networks.

Deadline for full paper submissions is 15th of September 2017!

Presentation of the portal at ITS Europe

During the latest ITS Europe conference, held in Passau, Germany at the end of July, leaflets were distributed sharing the idea behind the portal and inviting people to subscribe. A short report on the conference can be found here. You can also visit the conference website.

Launch of portal at DRCN

The Techno-Economics Research Portal is officially launched at the DRCN conference on March 8th 2017! We are proud to already present 9 partners!

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