Interesting tools

This page lists some tools, not all of them are developed by one of the partners of the portal, but added because of their relevance to the domain. Not all tools listed are open source, but contact information or websites are provided, such that access can be requested if needed.

Business Model Canvas by Osterwalder

The Business Model Canvas can be used to get a good overview of one firm’s value proposition, position in the overall value chain and cost and revenue structure.


The Techno-Economic Software Suite is a software library that contains all generic constructions to perform an economic analysis of and research into projects with a mid to long (>1y) planning horizon.

BPMN - Business Process Model and Notation

BPMN allows modelling and visualising business processes.

ECMN - Equipment Coupling Modeling Notation

ECMN details the modeling and calculation in the process of dimensioning the equipment.

BEMES – Business Modeling and Simulation tool

BEMES allows modeling an entire value chain including multiple firms, without losing the details for each firm individually.

Keywords: Cost-Benefit Analysis, Platform

Value Network Analysis

Value Network Analysis is a methodology for visualizing and understanding complex economic ecosystems. We use the framework of Verna Allee as a reference.

Online tool for a Master students’ business game

This business game intends to link technical challenges and a competitive business exercise, and is offered to engineering students on a Master level.


Net2Plan is an open-source network planning tool, which permits designing and evaluating heterogeneous multilayer networks of multiple technologies.

Techno-Economics of Networks (TEN)

TEN is an educational web application providing financial thinking to students.