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Analysis of transport network architectures for structural convergence

COMBO proposes new integrated approaches for Fixed / Mobile Converged (FMC) broadband access / aggregation networks for different scenarios (dense urban, urban, rural)

Keywords: Techno-Economics, Enabling technologies, Network

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Valuing flexibility in telecom infrastructure projects.

Valuing flexibility in telecom infrastructure projects. Networks 2012. Presented by Sofie Verbrugge and Mathieu Tahon.

Keywords: Real Options, Broadband

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Practical steps in Techno-Economic evaluation of network deployment planning

Practical steps in techno-economic evaluation of network deployment planning. Globecom 2009. Presented by Sofie Verbrugge, Koen Casier, Jan Van Ooteghem and Bart Lannoo.

Keywords: Techno-Economics, Broadband, Cost-Benefit Analysis

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